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Railway Bridge

The Rail Bridge over Blind Creek, Sunbury, was constructed c.1859 on the Melbourne-Bendigo line for the Victorian Railways. Constructed of basalt, it comprises five arched spans with basalt facing to semi-circular arches on piers, with transverse abutments to the creek. It carries a double railway line.

Sunbury Asylum

In 1864 the site had functioned as an Industrial School for Children,            in 1879 the children were boarded out, and the site was handed over to the Lunacy Department where it began operating as a Lunatic Asylum.

In 1894 a women's refractory compound was opened to accommodate refractory and difficult women who had been transferred out of the jail system.

Rupertswood Mansion

The foundation stone for Rupertswood was laid on 29 Aug 1874 with around 1000 people in attendance. The house was completed in 1876 for Sir William Clarke, a land owner and pastoralist who was one of Australia's wealthiest men and the first Australian=born baronet. It was designed by local architect George L Browne in the free classical style.

The estate was sold in 1925 to Hugh Victor McKay, a wealthy industrialist and inventor of the Sunshine Harvester. When McKay died in 1926, Rupertswood was bought by pastoralist William Naughton and then in 1927 by the Salesian Society which used the mansion and surrounding property as a male boarding school. The school later became co-educational and is now known as Salesian College Rupertswood.

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